Be a Franchisor Partner

Be a Franchisor Company Partner

Is your Company in the franchise or business opportunity sector and are you dedicated to implementing best placement practices in awarding your franchises or licenses?

FranBrokers Consortium is a network of Companies who are wanting to work closely with franchise consultant brokers, aka Affiliates, who refer potential prospective owners to them and help guide these prospective owners through the steps of due diligence outlined by your Company.  Your sales team “sells” your brand; the Affiliate is a guide to help your prospect understand the steps required to make an informed decision by educating them on how to get the facts and information they need, assisting with referrals to financing resources and other professionals as may be required, and also serving as a sounding board so the prospect not only finds the right type of business, but also finds the right corporate culture.

By working with a FranBrokers Affiliate, your sales team will be helping prospective owners learn about your brand, your system and the opportunity you offer.  They will help prequalify the prospective candidate to make sure they meet your financial criteria.

FranBrokers Affiliates work in concert with you to help the prospect determine which is the best business fit to their goals.  They help coach and help prospects keep their focus.

All FranBrokers Affiliates follow the Guiding Principles and strive to help you and the prospect for a mutually beneficial relationship.

And for their referral and help, you have agreed through the Referral Agreement to pay the Affiliate a Referral Fee, no less than what you pay to other top brokerage networks for their efforts and help the prospective owner pays the same, whether they have elected to use the services of the Affiliate or not.

FranBrokers was established to facilitate placements so that only one referral agreement needs to be signed, rather than separate agreements with each independent broker.  Also, there are economies of time because you can update your information on your company portal one time and all of the Affiliates have access.  FranBrokers facilitates communication with its network Affiliates, enabling you to send messages or hold a webinar or conference call to update every Affiliate at the same time, with the call prerecorded and uploaded for recordation so Affiliates onboarding later may access the information.

If you wish to become part of the FranBrokers Consortium, then contact us or call us so we might determine if your company has demonstrated its commitment to best practices, has a strong management team and happy owners (as evidenced by good validation); and if so, FranBrokers would be pleased to issue your company an invitation to join our invitation-only network of those companies dedicated to best practices.