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If you’re looking at franchises or businesses, why would you want to work with FranBrokers’ Affiliates?

  1. If you “Google” and then click on a link online, your information is captured and sold to companies and brokers.  If you read the fine print in the terms you agree to receive emails from others, not just those that you requested.  At FranBrokers, your information is not sold and you will be connected with just one Affiliate who will reach out to you and personally help you get the answers you need – at no cost to you.  That way, you can focus and speak to companies in which you have an interest, which could be a great option.
  2. Other broker networks require their brokers to present only companies/brands in their inventory.  FranBrokers Consortium has the top industry segment brands represented in their inventory, but FranBrokers allows their Affiliates to research and present companies suited to your needs and goals that may not be in the inventory so that our Affiliates are able to truly research and help you find the best company suited to your needs and goals.
  3.  FranBrokers Consortium is an invitation-only organization of experienced franchise and business professionals dedicated to best practices to help you.  Other networks are comprised of many brokers who are not very experienced or are newer to franchising.  You really have to check the other network brokers experience out just like you would a company or professional about their qualifications.  You want someone who is seasoned and experience (or someone who is being mentored by a seasoned and experienced broker) as they know the industry and who’s who and who has good validation.  That will save you time and frustration as you look at various businesses of interest in the industry category since there are over 3500 franchises and they are not all of the same caliber.  Those prequalified have great reputations where there is strong management and direction and where their owners are generally “happy campers”.
  4. FranBrokers are experienced and have a great reputation in the industry as the best of the best.
  5. There are over 3500 franchises out there. Our Affiliates know which ones are great and understand their qualifying requirements as each generally requires a certain net worth and liquidity before they will even consider an applicant. You might not qualify for the one you thought you might like but your Affiliate might suggest a newer, emerging brand in the same industry that you might qualify for and thus you find you can still pursue your goal.  Most likely your broker consultant will suggest options you might not have thought and you can expand your options.

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