Are you interested in becoming an affiliated franchise consultant?

Remember this is invitation only, but if you are a franchise broker or are an experienced senior manager in franchising and would like to learn more, please feel free to email us.


Are you an experienced franchise or business professional who wants independence, business ownership and to use your past experiences but also want the benefits of working together with others who are equally desiderated to best franchise and business opportunity placement practices?


1.  FranBrokers is an invitation only consortium, with invitations extended only to those broker/consultants who have demonstrated excellence as senior or management executives of franchise or business opportunity companies.

2.  Each Affiliate is knowledgeable and is a dedicated professional who strives to:

    • keep current on issues impacting the franchise and business opportunity industry,
    • learn about industry categories and specific companies that lead in those categories,
    • understand what traits and experience are required to be more successful so that the consultant might suggest options to those investigating will be able to receive an invitation from the companies to join their systems, and
    • know which businesses have “happy owners”, realizing that with each concept, there are always some who excel and some who need to improve.

3.   All Affiliate Broker/Consultants strive to follow these Guiding Principles to promote best practices:

    • Honesty and Integrity. – You must be willing to be honest in your dealings with others.
    • Knowledgeable and Experienced. – You must have senior franchise knowledge and management experience working with a franchise or business or have had your own franchise consultant business or other experience deemed appropriate by the FBC Committee to be invited to join the Consortium.(FranBrokers Consortium  is not a business opportunity or franchise that provides you training to establish you in the brokerage business but an organization dedicated to sharing of best practices from those experienced as business brokers to help other find the right businesses.)
    • Committed. – You agree as an independent broker/consultant affiliate  to realign certain of your business practices and procedures to align with FranBrokers Consortium then current standards, as developed by the Affiliates and Managers and the Company Partners and Affiliated Partners as may be updated from time to time.
    • Independent Yet Affiliated. – You own and operate your own franchise and business brokerage company independently but wish to affiliate for the group benefits of agreements and best practice standards and procedures, and continually strive to grow your business based upon best industry standards and practices. You agree to work as a team member on various committees to help FranBrokers Consortium lead in setting the standards of connecting individuals and Company Partners so that all might grow and prosper.

If you want to learn more about how you might become part of and benefit from the FranBrokers Consortium as an independently affiliated broker/consultant, or desire to apply for consideration, please use our contact form.

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